Singer Shreya Sharma talks about new song ‘Tera nasha’

Shreya Sharma
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New Delhi– Singer Shreya Sharma, who rose to fame singing the pop hit Prada with The Doorbeen band, is out with a new track titled Tera nasha.

“Tera Nasha is my first romantic track. It’s about the feeling of falling in love, when the relationship is just starting — the butterflies, the nervousness and everything that goes with it. It’s got elements of house music and a saxophone drop, which I love the most from a music aspect,” Sharma told IANS.

Shreya’s song Prada featured Alia Bhatt in the video, was a huge success. What kept her away post that? “I actually released another song in 2020 before ‘Tera nasha’. It’s called ‘Ladka baimaan’. I worked on getting songs ready right after ‘Prada’ but by the time they were at a stage to start shooting, lockdown started. But I’m back to releasing music and really hope people like it!” she added. (IANS)



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