Shekhar Shastri on ties that bind classical, folk and Bollywood genres of music (on video)

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LEXINGTON, MA—On April 9, Raaga Rang will present a unique classical, folk and Bollywood genres of music at National Heritage Museum in Lexington, MA.

In an exclusive video interview with INDIA New England News, Shekhar Shastri, a singer and producer of Raaga Rang, talks about the upcoming program.

“Classical Indian music is an endless mine of possibilities, making way for innovation and advancements. Music composers have rightly tapped into its potential since time immemorial to create newer melodies,” says Shastri. “However, popular music must be relevant to its time. It must touch the common man. Thus, it must wear the garb of the contemporary idioms – all of it while retaining a connection to the timeless classical core.”

Shahstri says that as a result, both classical and folk music inevitably co-evolve.

“Classical music provides timeless wings to soar with, and the Folk gives it feet to walk on earth with. Raaga-Rang 2016 is a melodious conversation between folk music and classical Indian music,” Shastri told INDIA New England in an earlier interview.

Shastri is founder of Meru Foundation. In addition, he is an entrepreneur and veteran of investment and technology industries. He has over twenty years of experience in building and managing systems for asset management, risk management, compliance, trade processing, and quantitative analysis.



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