Sari styles to follow this season

Suman Chowdhury Saree model (Photo courtesy Saree Times)
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New Delhi–Drape yourself in a cape sari or a colour pleated one to look your best, say experts.

Designer Sumona Parekh and Yashodhara Shroff, Director and Founder at, have listed a few sari trends that you can follow:

A model at Sangeeta Verma fashion show at INDIA New England Diwali Mela.

* Cape sari: Capes can be sheer or opaque. Try all cape styles this season – cropped cape, jacket cape and floor touching cape.

* Colour pleated sari: After last year’s trend of a pallu in different colours, now the differently coloured pleats are in. The pleats are in contrasting colour to the rest of the sari, and the pallu may or may not be in another third colour.

* Concept saris: They come pre-draped or are worn in a different way. The most common ones are dhoti saris. Pair sari with leggings, scarves and trousers.

* Animal motifs: An interesting sari fashion trend catching up this year is animal motifs. Paisley patterns and floral tapestries are making a comeback.

* Zip-up saris: The traditional drape has also taken up a ready-to-wear avatar. These zip-up saris are now becoming a rage among people who are not sari experts but still choose to don the traditional ensemble.


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