Santhana Krishnan Launches Artumanity to Promote Art Using Mobile Auction Application

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Santhana Krishnan

BOSTON – Boston entrepreneur Santhana Krishnan has launched Artumanity to promote art using mobile auction application that brings together artists, art lovers and charities to create a better world.

Every purchase helps a non-profit support global causes related to art, children, education, women, and veterans.  Artumanity’s triple impact philosophy changes lives by enabling us all to own original art, support artists’ careers, and donate to charities around the world, Artumanity said in a statement.

“We are proud of the impact we’ve been able to make and grateful to our supporters who give us the opportunities to continue,” Krishnan said. “Everyone who has purchased art through our initiatives, or even told our story, are part of something bigger than a brand. You’re part of a movement to make giving back part of what you do everday and making the world a better place.”

Artumanity Art Auctions will be conducting online auctions independently and in partnership with charities.  Every artwork will be tagged with the cause or charity it will support.  Each auction is curated so that the quality, uniqueness and potential value are determined by a team of art critics and professionals. The auction app connects emerging artists to a global audience on a 24/7 basis. In addition, the mobile app is GPS enabled so that auctions can be targeted to audiences in a city or country.  The Artumanity Auction App is available in both Apple iOS and Android and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

Artumanity initiatives include Artumanity Auctions App ( to conduct mobile art auctions, Asian Art Gallery ( to promote emerging artists from South East Asia and soon to be launched A Limited Edition, an exclusive curated online art marketplace to support and promote artists.

Artumanity’s commitment to artists and curated art is as important as the causes we support. To-date our initiatives have promoted over 75 artists and generated over $300,000 in donations, provided education and meals for children, empowered women by creating livelihood, healthcare for mothers and new-borns, shelter and vocational training for veterans and much more.


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