Sandeepa Dhar shares her beauty regime

Sandeepa Dhar (Photo: Facebook)
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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Actress Sandeepa Dhar says she does not do much for maintaining her skin health and is “genetically blessed” with flawless and radiant skin.

“My beauty regime is pretty basic. I believe in less in more. I’m definitely blessed genetically when it comes to skin. I’ve never been the kind to take too much care of my skin,” she tells IANSlife.

Emphashing on the benefits of including natural ingredients in skincare regime, Sandeepa says: “Lately, I’ve been following a lot of Korean skincare like sheet masks. I feel it is he best thing that can happen to mankind because they’re extremely moisturizing. I have combination skin, so they work wonders for me. They believe in using natural ingredients and are not chemically enhanced.

I love a lot of their brands which are very easy on the skin. So I follow the regular skincare like cleansing, toning, moisturizing. I use homemade masks while once a week like a egg white mask or besan ka uptan. I don’t like using face masks which come in jars. I rather make them from my kitchen. I feel like in today’s day and age with the kind of pollution, stress and lifestyle we should try and use as much natural ingredients on our faces as we can.”

Sandeepa featured as the showstopper of the fashion film presented by fashion designer Kaveri on Day 2 of the ongoing digital edition of the Lakme Fashion Week.

Sharing the experience of walking a virtual ramp for the very first time, she says: “Well in terms of vibes, definitely there is a bit of a difference. Because when you have live audience, there’s a certain vibe that is created which is obviously not there in a virtual show. But I think I was as nervous as I would probably be in a live show. That initial butterflies in your stomach is always there. I feel there is definitely an advantage to virtual shows because a far bigger audience watches it. Fashion is for everyone. And now it’s at everyone’s fingertips. Earlier only a selected few could watch the show live, but now everyone sitting at their home can watch the show.”

The designer launched the collection �Cocoon’ created in gossamer-like fabrics and pure linen with layering and folds in hues of off-white, natural, linen mauve, sage, ice, iron, vintage rose, wine, whale and rosemary. There was also use of pure silk organza, hand-printed with fine thread work with gold and silver metallic ink tinges. Fluttering dragonflies and butterflies’ motifs, laces and asymmetrical hemlines were used in flowy silhouettes.

Sandeepa was seen wearing a in a deep maroon embroidered lehenga and bell-sleeved peplum blouse sprinkled with bouquets of blossoms.

Speaking about the collection, she said: “Her brand stands for sustainable clothes fashion, which I think is kind of pretty much my ideology in life as well. I think we need to conserve nature and fashion needs to also conserve nature and not, abusive and give back and recycle. And take care of on each other while we’re also moving ahead in with fashion. And I like the kind of designs that she maintains. She maintains clean cuts, fuss free, breathable clothing. I love the use of colors that she always has in her line.” (IANS)



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