Remo D’Souza says late Saroj Khan wanted him to make her biopioc

Remo D'Souza
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By Arundhuti Banerjee

Mumbai– National Award-winning choreographer and filmmaker Remo D’Souza is keen to make a film on Saroj Khan, and he says its was the late choreographer’s wish.

“We had a long conversation and she said, “kabhi mere upar biopic koi banaye, to tu hi banana, kyunki tu dance aur struggle do hi samajhta hai (if someone were to make by biopic, you do it because you know the struggle as well as dance’,” Remo told IANS.

Recalling his special memory of the late choreographer, Remo replied: “There is not one specific incident that I can recall and say as ‘this is a special memory’ that I have of Saroj ji, because she has seen me grow from a struggler to the choreographer I am today. But I have to say that in the last few years, we came closer and I feel fortunate that I worked with Saroj ji in her last work, the ‘Tabah ho gaye’ dance number in the film ‘Kalank’. For her, it was about uniting with her favourite Madhuri (Dixit) ji and I was happy to assist Saroj ji. I was handling the technical aspect of the dance.”

Remo also opened up on the biggest lessons he learned from Saroj Khan, one that “resonates with me every passing day”.

He recalled how she told him that “in our industry, you either make relations from the heart, or you just do not build them, because here people only mingle for their interest. There is a sense of ‘being indifferent’ here, so no one is a friend or enemy. If you are talented, you are appreciated. That is it. She would always say, ‘isilye rishta banao to dil se, warna nahin (if you bond with someone do it with all heart, otherwise don’t do it)’. Success and failure se bane rishte zindagi bhar ka nahin hota, dil se bane rishte success-failure se matlab nahin rakhte (bonds forged of success and failuire don’t last for life, but the ones born of the heart have nothing to do with success-failure)’,” shared the choreographer. (IANS)



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