Reader Blasts New York Times Editorial on Kashmir, Urges Indian Organizations to Act

A Srinagar street file photo (courtesy: Indian Express and PTI)
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Dear Editor,

With reference India New England article on Kashmir, quoting New York times article, I firmlty believe editorial board of New York times is totally biased and has been posting Anti India- Anti Kashmir articles for past several years now.  In the past 72 hours, they have written at least 6 anti India- Anti-Kashmir articles from New York Times.

If someone googles “New York Times on Kashmir”, one will find lots of articles attacking India on Kashmir in the past 5+ years. Every one of the articles from New York times about Government of India and Kashmir for past 5 years have been nothing but negative articles.  I have a strong feeling that one of the members of the editorial board in New York Times may be from Pakistan and may be feeding inaccurate information to rest of editorial teams of New York Times.

Even many other publications like Al Jajazeera said “

“Why the NYT is really wrong about Kashmir- A recent editorial by the New York Times demonstrates little understanding of what is actually going on in Kashmir.

I honestly believe that Indian organizations (not only in th north east) but also rest of USA should write to New York Times strongly about it. I believe Indian Associations in US should do much more than singing  “Sare jahan se accha hindustan hamara” on the Jan 26th( Republic Day) and Aug 15th(Independence day).

Time to show Indian Americans will not tolerate these kinds of biased reporting.  Time for Indian American Organizations to show we mean business and we will not tolerate this kind of reporting.  Any Indian American association want to take the lead?

Jay Srinivasan

(Jay Srinivasan is a long time resident of New England area and have been involved with several community organizations in various capacities. He currently runs a facebook based portal called IACUS (Indian American Community of USA) with about 8000 members.)


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