Books: Some romance and plenty of career, happiness tips

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New Delhi–Bury yourself in the difficult ardent romance of a young guy who falls madly in love with a married milph, explore the life of a TV journalist and cast an eye over some significant career and happiness tips. The IANS Bookshelf has some intriguing volumes to offer this weekend.

1. Book: Deep Singh Blue; Author: Ranbir Singh Sidhu; Publisher: HarperCollins; Pages: 243; Price: Rs.499

Deep Singh wants out of his family, his city and more than anything – his life. His parents argue over everything, his dad passes his evening shouting at the television set, and his brother, who hasn’t said a single word in over a year, suddenly turns to him one day and tells him to die.

So, when Lily, older and married, shows him more than a flicker of attention, he falls heedlessly in love. It doesn’t help that Lily is an alcoholic, hates her husband and doesn’t think much of herself or her immigrant Chinese mom either. As Deep’s growing obsession with Lily begins to spin out of control, the rest of his life mirrors his desperation – culminating in his brother’s disappearance and an unfolding tragedy.

2. Book: News Now; Author: Sudesna Ghosh; Publisher: HarperCollins; Pages: 171; Price: Rs.299;

Take a tour through the news studio, from the writer’s desk to the editor’s, walk the fields with the reporter and the camera person, and stroll right back to the front desk of the anchor. Learn how to take interviews smartly, handle news breaks, report from conflict zones and sustain a high-stress job that can be superbly rewarding.

Meet some of the most successful journalists and anchors – Suhasini Haider, Shireen Bhan, Rajiv Makhni, Sonia Singh – who talk about their first big assignments, their landmark stories and what drives them.

Packed with information on mass communication courses, sample CVs and reference websites, News Now is a great guide to a career in the thriving television news industry.

Book-I love Mondays-s3. Book: I Love Mondays; Author: Mala Mary Martina; Publisher: HarperCollins; Price: Rs.299; Pages: 287

Entrepreneur and career coach Mala Mary Martina delves into the world of new generation careers to discover the motivations and skill sets that enable yellow collar workers succeed.

Whether you are a student undecided about your career or a working professional stuck in the wrong job, this book will help you kiss your Monday morning blues goodbye and inspire you to embrace a new life.

4. Book: Happy Street (52 Steps to a Happier Community); Author: Rekha Shetty; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 172; Price: Rs.599

Our ceaseless toil to achieve success often assumes that our ultimate goal – happiness – lies at the end of a rainbow. But what if the key to happiness lies within each of us and it is for us to build our own local Shangri-La, a happy street.

Happiness Guru Rekha Shetty’s book shows us how we can make every day special by following some simple mantras and doing just a little bit to make a difference to our immediate environs.



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