Pregnant woman dies of hunger in Pak amid Corona crisis

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Karachi– A pregnant woman has died in Pakistani’s Sindh provide due to starvation amid the lockdown imposed in the country to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), reports said.

A report in ‘Express News’ mentioned the woman died in the town of Jhudo in Mirpur Khas district in Sindh province. Allabakhsh, the woman’s husband said he was left with no work owing to the lockdown due to which he was facing problems in managing food for his family that also included six children.

Allabakhsh said he did not even had the money to bury his wife. The local residents eventually raised money through donations for the burial of his wife.

The incident has raised questions on the claims of Pakistan’s Imran Khan-led government, as well as the government of Sindh province of extending all-possible assistance to the poor people during the lockdown.

Also, there was a growing anger among the workers in Pakistan as they have not yet been paid for the work they did before the lockdown was imposed.

Workers and other employees of various sectors have staged demonstration in large numbers in Karachi over this issue. (IANS)



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