Pravisht Mishra to dress up like a woman in “Barrister Babu”

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Mumbai–Actor Pravisht Mishra, who is part of the show “Barrister Babu”, will disguise himself as a woman named Roopa in an upcoming segment of the show. Pravisht says he loves sequences like these that challenge him as an actor.

“I like taking up challenges and trying new things. This particular scene required me to change my look completely and transform myself into a woman. After this experience, I would say hats off to all the ladies who drape a saree regularly. Trust me, it is very challenging to wear a saree and carry yourself throughout the day,” he says.

The actor adds that besides the clothes, acting like a woman was not easy.

“Apart from the clothes, acting like a woman was also quite demanding, but I managed to pull it off. This is an interesting new track in the show and I’m sure the fans would appreciate this new plot twist and my new avatar as Roopa!” he says about the new spin in his role on the Colors show. (IANS)


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