Playing a mother comes naturally to me: Actor Smita Bansal

Smita Bansal
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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi, May 25 (IANSlife) Popular television and theatre actor Smita Bansal, who plays a doting mother in a new teleplay, says that she tapped into her maternal energy to be able to better understand her character. At a time when keeping families intact is at the core of life, the play highlights the role of caregivers and selflessness.

Renowned playwright Jaywant Dalvi’s teleplay, ‘Chanda Hai Tu’, presented by Zee Theatre, is a poignant tribute to motherhood and parenting. The teleplay screening throughout the week on Dish TV and D2H Rangmanch Active, depicts the challenges of raising a physically challenged child with great empathy and candour.

The play’s protagonists Mr. and Mrs. Shukla find ways to make ends meet while trying to keep their sanity intact as caregivers. They invest endless care into raising their son ‘Bachu’ and take different shifts in the day to make sure that the other stays at home. Even though leading a normal life is difficult for them, their determination to turn a negative situation into a positive one is what gives this story its heart.

Bansal, who plays Mrs Shukla, says, “Playing a mother came naturally to me as I have two daughters. I constantly worry about them, cannot bear to see them in any pain, and want to give them the best that life has to offer. I would do anything to make them smile. That is why it wasn’t hard to play Mrs. Shukla. A mother’s instinct is fundamentally similar and so I tuned into this unconditional love and maternal energy to get her portrayal right. She is a strong woman who is managing her family responsibilities as well as professional commitments. While reading the play, I was overwhelmed by the extent of her dedication, sacrifices, courage, and unwavering commitment.”

While rehearsing and attending workshops, Smita worked hard to get the emotional graph of her character right.

She adds, “The cast spent a lot of time getting the ‘sur’ or the defining note of each character right. Also, once we all began to connect with each other, the chemistry started building from there. Once you know the lines are connected to the correct emotions, and are fully prepared, you let go of who you are and become the character. The rest just flows. By the time we shot the play, we were all note-perfect and ready.” Bansal calls the whole process “magical” and hopes the audiences will tune in to ‘Chanda Hai Tu’ and appreciate all the love and hard work that went into it. (IANS)



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