Amartya Bobo Rahut: Tough to build fans base without backing of music label, stars

Amartya Bobo Rahut
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Mumbai– Indie musician Amartya Bobo Rahut, who recently released his song “Kaisi ho”, says it is tough to make a name for yourself in the independent music arena.

“It is tough to reach out to people and build your fan base independently without the backing of an established music label or the framework of movies with stars who promote your music. But it is also a lot of fun, since I can make the songs that I wanted to make and produce them exactly the way I always wanted them to sound, without any external interference,” he told IANS.

Rahut is known for his singles “Shaam simiti”, “Chup chup” and “Mere Aulia”. He has also composed the independent album “Om: The Fusion Band” with Amit Trivedi and Shriram Iyer, as well as scored music for the films “Darbaan”, “Tu Hai Mera Sunday” and “Uttarayan”.

He says lockdown has helped him focus on making more music. “There’s not much you can do other than staying at home and being paranoid. So, I decided to make music for myself. That’s the only thing I can do — at least it gets my mind off the sad and depressing state of affairs,” he says.

Amartya has sung, composed and produced “Kaisi ho”. Talking about the song, he says: “Kaisi ho is a song that I composed with lyrics beautifully written by Siddhant Kaushal. It is a simple melody with just an acoustic guitar as accompaniment to my vocals. So often it happens in life that you suddenly think of a friend or a lover from the past and wonder what they are up to and where they are currently, with a smile on your face. ‘Kaisi ho’ is a song that talks about that memory,” he says. (IANS)



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