Payal Ghosh on playing Madhubala: Current generation needs to know her story

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Mumbai– Actress Payal Ghosh is excited to portray Bollywood legend Madhubala in an upcoming project. She says the current generation needs to know the story of late actress.

“I am super excited to portray the great Madhubala ji on screen. She is the prettiest. The current generation needs to know her story and I am over the moon essaying the role,” Payal said.

She will play the role in Rajeev Chaudhari’s “RED”, which also stars Krushna Abhishek. The film has been written by Ashok Tyagi, who also directs.

“After hearing the script I felt I can do justice to the character since it portrays women’s empowerment, which I can very well relate with. Plus, it extends an opportunity to me to look like my favourite Madhubalaji of the golden Bollywood era. Madhubala is an icon and it can’t get bigger than that to be playing her on screen,” she said.

Other details about the project have not yet been revealed.

Payal made headlines in September when she levelled sexual harassment charges against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. She had also met Union minister Ramdas Athawale at that time, seeking his support in the case.

Soon, she launched her political career joining Athawale’s Republican Party of India – A. She has been named vice president of women’s wing of the party.

“I am feeling good because I have always wanted to help the orphanage kids. In the past, I have spent my birthday and Diwali with underprivileged kids, so I always wanted to help people,” Payal told IANS when she joined the party last month.

“Now, more than politics, it is more like a source and a way to help people who are needy. I can stand by the Dalits as this party supports them, and women who maybe victim of rape, molestation or any other problems. I can be their voice and stand by them and help them. This is my ulterior motive and this is the reason I joined,” she added. (IANS)


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