On the ‘Brink’

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New Delhi– Art Centrix Space in the Capital is all set to launch an exhibition ‘BRINK’ on March 10. The exhibition features 24 works by seven contemporary Indian artists including Bhargav Barla, Bholanath Rudra, Ganesh Gohain, KP Pradeepkumar, Neeraj Patel, Shalina Vichitra and Tom Vattakuzhy.

The title, ‘BRINK’, generates a sense of being at the edge of something powerful where reimagining and revaluation of actions and practices are not only imperative but critical. From both the curatorial and philosophical perspectives, this exhibition talks about the meaning of events and a sense of something inevitable that is about to happen. It poses questions like – can it be controlled and can such interventions generate a paradigm shift both historically and psychologically? With such questions, this philosophical proposition highlights the significance of getting a powerful grip on the present for the immediate future.

In addition to exhibiting some of Art Centrix Space’s established gallery artists, Tom Vattakhuzhy, Ganesh Gohain and K.P. Pradeepkumar, the exhibition also features works from Bhargav Barla, Bholanath Rudra, Shalina Vichitra and Neeraj Patel who showcase their artistic practices through photographs, paintings, and sculptures.

Monica Jain, the curator-director of Art Centrix Space says, “The curatorial premise primarily foregrounds the idea of the artist being a harbinger of change – one who is painfully aware that life has presented an unprecedented opportunity for the world to come together with urgency in order to achieve something that has been never possible singularly so far.” (IANS)


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