Of travels, mysterious connections, life beyond 40s and supercharged brains

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New Delhi–Read a travel book about treks and trips across the Himalayas; know the story of two strangers who never meet but are connected through a series of handwritten letters — written by one and discovered by the other; learn how to live life through your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond; and train yourself to supercharge your brain and improve your memory drastically and immediately.

IANS bookshelf has these reads to offer for this weekend.

1. Book: The Land of the Moonlit Snows; Author: Gaurav Punj; Publisher: Tranquebar; Price: Rs 399; Pages: 203
When city-dwellers meet the mountains, stories manifest themselves — and this is exactly what happened to the author of this book, who has been trekking in the Himalayas for well over a decade now. Of narrow escapes from remote valleys, encounters with the wild, treks across snow-covered passes and flower-filled meadows, blended with the kindness of locals and their food, culture and festivals — all of these real stories in the book attempt to suggest that exploration is for everyone.

And you may want to travel to the mountains after reading it.

2. Book: Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore; Author: Rimple; Publisher: Owlery; Price: Rs 640; Pages: 301
Successful and celebrated entrepreneur Rajvir leads a monotonous life. Breaking out of the routine one day, he stops at a bookstore and finds a handwritten note in a book. This letter leads him to a series of other similar letters and, finally, to the person who writes them.

The letter-writer, discovers Rajvir, is a young woman, though her identity is a mystery. He soon begins a virtual relationship with her, via chat and mail. Rajvir hits upon a new business idea from his interactions with her. Enter Taashvi, who he ropes in as a partner in the new business.

Rajvir and the letter-writer relive their childhood as they converse about everything they love — music, books, the neuro-science behind music, relationships, psychology, etc. As their friendship deepens, Rajvir learns to feel safe again, to be vulnerable, to be open. As Rajvir transforms, Taashvi becomes his new friend.

Between Taashvi and the letter-writer, who will Rajvir choose? Does he get to meet the stranger behind the letters? Will the girl’s bitter past affect their relationship?

3. Book: Fit After 40; Author: Sheela Nambiar; Publisher: Hachette; Price: Rs 399; Pages: 333
An old adage goes that age is all in one’s mind. However, the 40s bring on a series of changes — mentally, physically and emotionally — that we scarcely anticipate and usually deny. Instead of viewing it as a turning point to a new, enhanced experience of life, many of us are left bewildered and in crisis.

Applying her wealth of experience as an obstetrician and gynaecologist, and a fitness and lifestyle consultant, Dr Sheela Nambiar brings to you this holistic health guide that ensures that the decades ahead of your 40s are the best yet.

This book contains tests to assess your current fitness levels and help determine the best course of action for you; tools for understanding the inevitable hormonal changes and how to deal with them; insights into why we gain weight after 40 and how to control it; daily exercises that will help restore vitality and maintain your posture, balance and flexibility, and ways to improve your sleep patterns and nutritional intake.

4. Book: The 4-Week Memory Challenge; Author: Shireen Stephen; Publisher: Rupa; Price: Rs 295; Pages: 237
Designed for all ages and abilities, “The 4-Week Memory Challenge” is a simple guide that provides day-by-day training to supercharge your brain and improve your memory drastically and immediately.

The book claims that in just one month, you will discover how to unlock the phenomenal power of your memory and learn how to use it to its maximum potential. What’s more, you will find that your memory is noticeably sharper and your mind is much more active. From fun rhymes and music to taking long memory journeys, this book is the perfect way to flex your mental muscles and train your brain. (IANS)


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