Now You Can Rent Racquetball Room at Academy of Creative Arts

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BURLINGTON, MA—Yes, now you can rent Racquetball Room at Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington, MA.  The racquetball room is up and running for anyone looking for a place to enjoy a session of racquetball at a rate of $20 per person for each hour.

Java Mehta Joshi
Java Mehta Joshi

“The room is located on the bottom floor of our facility, with a high ceiling that extends beyond the floor above to provide adequate space,” said Java Joshi, co-founder of the Academy of Creative Arts. “The extra height of the vertically extended room is covered by a net to ensure safety and closure as you play.”

She said indoor court is of standard size with a glass front wall, and spectators can comfortably watch either through the doors or down from the floor above.

Since the academy is mostly reserved for activities involving creative and performing arts, the facility has various rooms for different purposes. Unlike the average sports center, at the Academy of Creative Arts, players will not have to yield for others to use the room.

“With a flat fee that guarantees your playing time, your racquetball experience will be carved out solely for you and your friends to enjoy,” Joshi said.

Academy of Creative Arts, a non-profit children’s school that provides more than 15 different forms of creative and performing arts to children under one roof, recently expanded and relocated to a new 18,000-square-foot facility in Burlington.



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