Nikhita Gandhi questions gender identity through ‘Khud ko hi paake’

Nikhita Gandhi
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Mumbai– Singer Nikhita Gandhi says her latest song, Khud ko hi paake, is all about the expression of acceptance of the self.

Featuring Nikhita Gandhi, along with Ivanka Das, the song showcases a couple and how their romance hits a roadblock when a small moment between them makes the male partner come face to face with his issues of gender identity.

“Khud ko hi paake is a song I have composed keeping in mind the internal struggle of someone who is facing an identity crisis. The beauty and the pain of such a conundrum is that we all have our fair share of this, in different magnitudes. The song is an expression of acceptance of the self and embodies the message that the only truth in life is who you are and letting yourself be honest to that,” Nikhita said.

“Khud ko hi paake” is a part of the MTV Beats Love Duet album.

“MTV Beats Love Duet has been a path-breaking initiative in normalising conversations around love that goes beyond gender stereotypes. It has given a platform to some of the greatest artists from the LGBTQI+ Community to showcase their talent and make their voices heard. I’m proud that I got the chance to make a tiny contribution in this journey through ‘Khud ko hi paake’ — a soulful story weaved in with passion and genuineness. I’m sure it will be loved by the masses and also help influence perceptions in some way,” she added.

The song is penned by Nikhita and Shashwat Singh. (IANS)


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