Mira Kapoor on the importance of mindful health practices

Mira Kapoor (Photo: Instagram)
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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Mira Kapoor known has won hearts with her natural charm and personality; she keeps fans engaged on social media platforms with glowing selfies.

Being a fashion icon and inspiring with her fitness routine, Mira, has always been open about health being a priority and even pursuing a course in Ayurveda to deepen her knowledge.

With a mindset focused on routine, she has always been particular about a healthy daily diet. Being someone who swears by Indian way of health which is passed down from generation to generation, she has incorporated traditional home remedies into her lifestyle. From the Halasana Yoga pose, to sharing healthy food hacks or posting about her organic-ingredient skincare regime.

Talking about her about her winter routine, Kapoor the took to social media to share some simple ways she manages her health amidst the chilly weather. Taking inspiration from her mother’s nuskas she shares how steam inhalation with trusted Vicks VapoRub helps relieve cough and cold symptoms.

Along with this, she also encourages mothers to include amala juice, warm haldi doodh and exercise in their this winter to manage respiratory health effectively.

Speaking about it, Mira shares: “As parents, we juggle between multiple activities, so it becomes even more important to stay on top of our health so we can extend care to our little ones. As I always say, it is not only important to be healthy on the outside with a fitness routine, but on the inside too. As the winters approach, I turn to a few simple measures to help fight against the seasonal flu and strengthen my body’s immunity. Apart from eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, staying on top of my fitness regime, I also practice steam inhalation with Vicks VapoRub for 2-5 minutes daily when I have cough and cold symptoms.”

She adds: “With Ayurveda at the centre of my wellness regime, I also read that steam inhalation has been recommended by The Ministry of AYUSH.” (IANS)


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