MEA condemns Imran Khan for jihad call against India

Imran Khan
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New Delhi– India on Friday condemned Pakistan PM Imran Khan for his call to jihad over Kashmir and his “provocative and irresponsible language” against India, saying it does not behove the high constitutional office that he holds.

Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar, addressing the weekly briefing, said: “Pakistan’s Prime Minister holds a high constitutional office. He has given such statements even before. You have heard his statements even in the UNGA… such provocative and irresponsible language he has used. We condemn this.”

“I think he is not unaware of how international relations are conducted. On that basis, he gives such statements. He had given an open call for Jihad against India. This is not a normal behaviour,” the spokesperson said.

“We have been saying that Pakistan and its leaders should a behave like a normal neighbouring country. They usually do not do that. We don’t expect that but sometimes we do that since we are neighbours. As far as their call of violating some other country’s territorial integrity is concerned, it does not behove the office he holds,” he said.

Imran Khan had launched a sharp attack on India over Kashmir at the UN General Assembly last month, and also appealed to the global Muslim sentiment over Kashmir. He had also made a call for a jihad against India. (IANS)


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