Many Colors of Love Part 1: The Five Questions About Love

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WALTHAM, MA—INDIA New England News recently released the first episode of its video series on “Many Colors of Love.”

Boston poetess Sunayana Kachroo, a script writer who has also composed lyrics for several Bollywood movies, features in this episode interview with Upendra Mishra, publisher and editor of INDIA New England News.

The first episode deals with five questions on love: 1. In one sentence or less how can you describe love? 2. How does one know when love is true? 3. Can you love someone if you don’t love yourself? 4. Can you love if you were never shown enough love as a child? 5. Are you fit to love?

To watch the full interview, please click here or on the image below.

Boston-based Kachroo earlier this year released her latest video that combines music and poetry, titled “Channa Mereya-Mere Shehar Main Kabhi Matt Aana”, a lyrical conversation of love, longing, breakup.

This production was produced by Indian Raga, a Boston-based community of performing artists that give traditional and contemporary art forms a modern makeover. Sunayana has teamed up with singer Vinod Krishnan to create this piece.

Kachroo is an award-winning poet, lyricist and a film writer. She has worked with renowned artists like Sonu Nigam, Ankit Tiwari, Anuradha Palakurthi, Jasraj Joshi, Yawar Abdal and Hrishikesh Ranade.  She has written dialogues for many films, including the award-winning critically acclaimed feature film Half Widow and The Illegal.


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