Layering your sunscreen: a step-by-step guide!

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New Delhi– When it comes to skincare, it cannot be accomplished without the proper layering of sunscreen. A proper summer season calls for tons and tons of sunscreen.

While a glowing tan is always a desirable look for the summer, it’s no secret that spending too much time in the sun can do a great deal of damage to your skin leading to sunburn, causing anything from slight redness to painful blisters. This summer let’s make sunscreens your best friends because your skin deserves the best care.

Studies have shown that spending considerable time in sunlight can also make your skin lose its elasticity leading to premature ageing, skin dullness, dark spots, and in some cases even skin cancer.

As a result, sunscreens do play a pivotal role in our skincare regime but how to include it in your skincare routine is still a mystery for many.

Harry Sehrawat, Co-Founder Sanfe, shares a complete guide to help you understand the layering of your sunscreen within your beauty regime.

Finding your Sunscreen: The first step in your layering process surely requires a need for a sunscreen that suits your skin type. The primary motive of these sunscreens is to protect our skin against the harmful U.V rays. Hence, they are equipped with chemicals that might or might not work out for your skin type. Always do a patch test to figure if it’s right for your skin type or not. Consulting a dermatologist before buying any product for your skin is the safest option if you have any skin allergies or are prone to skin reactions.

SPF, SPF, SPF!: After having the perfect sunscreen for your shade of skin, identify how much of a dose of SPF your skin can take while applying it. Because of climate change, SPF has become a must in all sunscreens. Before getting your hands on the desired product, make sure you’re investing after checking the SPF level for your skin.

How to Apply!: Once you are clear with the right ingredients, start implementing your sunscreen in your makeup routine by going from lightest to heaviest. Start your routine by first applying sunscreen before your moisturiser as it helps the skin to absorb the essential oils. Heavy sunscreens always go last after the makeup routine. This acts as the sole purpose of retaining the makeup for a longer period.

However, many dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen separately from a makeup routine only after the moisturiser has a recommendation of 30 SPF and can protect the skin from UVB rays.

“Sunscreens work best when applied within the right quantity. The best way to ensure whether it’s enough for your face and neck is to apply the sunscreens across the length of your three middle fingers. Rub it and apply it in a circular motion around your skin and neck. Applying sunscreen is not the only solution to protect your skin. Just like makeup, it wears down over time from sweat and pollution. As a result, it’s best to reapply about every 90-120 minutes”, says Harry. (IANS)



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