Kriti Sanon on challenges of gaining weight

Kriti Sanon
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Mumbai–Actress Kriti Sanon found gaining weight for her role in “Mimi” tough, and says she had to force herself to eat as she had lost interest in food.

Kriti gained 15 kilos for “Mimi”.

“We had to shoot the pregnancy scenes and Laxman sir was very clear that it was necessary to gain weight for those scenes because he didn’t want the character to have a chiseled face,” Kriti said.

“Since I have a high-metabolism, I knew this was going to be a task for me. I knew I had to increase my appetite and calorie intake, so I completely stopped working out, even Yoga! I used to have poori-halwa-chana as breakfast and sweets after every meal. Though I enjoyed initially, later I had to force myself to eat as I had lost interest in food. In fact, when I used to not feel hungry, I used to eat a cheese slice,” she added.

“Mimi” narrates the story of a young aspiring actress who is a dancer in Mandawa and how she ends up being a surrogate for a couple. The film is directed by Laxman Utekar.

During a live session on Helo app, the actress opened up about working in the film.

Talking about the movie, she said: “‘Mimi’ is the only film which I said yes after hearing the idea but not the script. When I heard the script later, I realised the role has a lot to offer to me as an actor.”

Meanwhile, Utekar has shared that “Mimi” is almost complete, with some shoot left, which might lead to delay in release of the movie. (IANS)


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