With Inter-Faith Marriages on the Rise, Here are a Few Tips to Plan a Fusion Wedding

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BURLINGTON, MA—With the interracial and inter-faith Indian-American weddings more than doubling in the last 10 years, here are a few helpful tips to plan a fun fusion wedding. (Photos by Dyuti Majumdar)

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Planning a wedding where multiple traditions and expectations can come into conflict may seem daunting, but with these tips, you can have a day that you will remember the rest of your life.

Set Expectations with Your Fiancé(e), and with Your Families

Experts advise before you start planning the day itself, sit down with your fiancé(e) and with your families to discuss any expectations you have regarding the event. Your spouse-to-be and your families may have very different views on what they would consider to be a wedding- from India’s multi-day affairs to the comparably short Western weddings.

Communicating what traditions and customs matter to you, and what you would want to carry on to the next generation, is the foundation of a great marriage day.

In blending different cultures and traditions into one event, it is inevitable that some concessions and allowances will be made on both sides of the aisle, so that everyone at your event can have a day that they fondly remember.

Make a list of what ceremonies and celebrations your families consider “essential”, and which would simply be “nice to have” and communicate openly about how you plan to celebrate your big day.

Make it Personal

Remember: it’s YOUR big day! When you are planning the ceremonies, make sure that the celebrations and ceremonies matter to YOU. Remove your wedding from the battleground of “x versus y” by adding elements important to your relationship.

Did your groom present you with daisies on your first date? Include them in a bridal bouquet, boutonnières or even a flower crown! Does your bridal go absolutely batty for red velvet cupcakes? Include them in the catering table. These elements ma y not adhere to tradition, but they show what makes your relationship special and unique.

Mix and Match Events, But Be Mindful About Space and Time

Because your fusion wedding is blending two or more cultures and traditions, the number of events you choose to incorporate into the day is completely up to you! But if you choose to have many events in different locations, be mindful of the travel time, space constraints and other aspects of the venues.

You want your guests to be a part of the celebration, but some may have come from far away and might not appreciate a lot of shuffling to and from different venues for different parts of the ceremony, plus the reception.

If you choose to have a ceremony with many different components from different cultures, consider venues where you can incorporate as many of those components as you can, to cut down on travel time and maximize the enjoyment of the entire party.

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