Indian politicians slam British MP of Pakistani origin for Modi tweet

Kiren Rijiju
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New Delhi–Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju and Congress leader Milind Deora here on Tuesday criticised Lord Nazir Ahmed, British MP of Pakistani origin, as he stirred a controversy with a deplorable tweet on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The controversy erupted after Ahmed tweeted: “Claims of sorcery, jadoo, magic, witchcraft, on BJP by opposition. (Arun) Jaitley, (Babulal) Gaur, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shushma Swaraj, (former Prime Minister) Atal (Bihari) Vajpayee, Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa…have all died in the last one year. Hey Narendra Modi is next.”

The British MP tweeted this following a news report in which Bhopal BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur spoke about the opposition using some ‘marak shakti’ (power to kill) to harm the party as many of its senior leaders passed away in last one month.

Slamming the British MP, Rijiju tweeted, “I’m unable to come to terms with the fact as to how the hell on this planet, in the midst of the whole British intelligentsia, did you manage to get appointed as a Member of the House of Lords!!!”

Mumbai Congress leader Deora also came out in support of the government and said the remark on the Indian Prime Minister from a sitting member of UK’s House of Lords deserved unequivocal condemnation.

“We, in Congress, may disagree with BJP politically, but this obnoxious tweet against an Indian Prime Minister from a sitting member of UK’s House of Lords deserves our unequivocal condemnation & outrage. Utterly disgraceful!,” Deora tweeted.

BJP Vice-President Baijayant Jay Panda also slammed the British MP and said, “This lowlife is a life member of UK’s House of Lords?! Was shocked by his sickening tweet, until I looked him up (Please Google and see his Wikipedia entry).

This is mild compared to killing a man by reckless driving, being jailed, preying on vulnerable women, and alleged child rape. “Following the abrogation of Article 370 from J&K, Ahmed has continuously tweeted on the issue criticising the Indian government.(IANS)


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