Indian American Women Philanthropists Lead the Circle of Hope, Take it National

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WALTHAM, MA—Get used to Indian American women philanthropists of New England and how they are changing the world with one project at a time.

What a group of 20 like-minded women started about two years ago in Boston under the umbrella of American India Foundation (AIF), the Circle of Hope now is in an expansion mode. It has already established chapters in Chicago and San Francisco.

“Our goal is is to expand into other cities in 2020,” Circle of Hope Co-Founder Nirmala Garimella to INDIA New England News.

In an exclusive video interview with Face-to-Face of INDIA New England News, Ms. Garimella and Circle of Hope Co-Founder Farida Kathawalla talk about the organization’s mission, vision, operations and activities.

To watch the full interview, please click here, or on the image below.

This is the third year of the women’s giving circle based out of Boston that brings women philanthropists together to work towards AIF programs impacting women and girls in India.

In September 2017, Ms. Garimella and Ms. Kathawalla co-founded a Giving Circle called Circle of Hope under the AIF umbrella whose members fund, engage and learn about development issues impacting women and girls in India.

Farida Kathawala

Farida Kathawalla

Ms. Kathawalla is a long-term supporter of the nonprofit community and philanthropy. Having lived all over the world with her family, her interest in world cultures, women’s rights and global education became even more important. She is at the forefront of many philanthropic organizations in the region including New England International Donors, American India Foundation, World Education, Dining for Women, New Repretory theatre and Care amongst others.

Ms. Kathawala is deeply passionate about women’s empowerment. she  is relentless about finding new and creative ways to channel her boundless energy coupled with the community’s ideas and resources for the greater good  and that’s why Circle of Hope was launched.

Nirmala Garimella

Nirmala Garimella

Ms. Garimella has been leading the New England Chapter of the American India Foundation since 2007. This long engagement has led her to play and pilot multiple initiatives at the chapter level that have now expanded to other chapters.

Ms. Garimella has served on the board of other local non- profits in Boston and was actively engaged in town governance in Lexington as town meeting member. She is also the co-founder of the community media website, an e-magazine covering news and features of the Indian Americas community in Boston. She has a certification in non-profit management from Boston University and is an avid traveler.

Circle of Hope Members

All the women members of Circle of Hope, whose number has now grown to 25, hail from New England. They are: Mithu Bhargava, Preetha Chally, Anu Chitrapu. Manisha Eckton, Deepa Acharya- Gupta, Nirmala Garimella, Mona Godbole,Sunita Kanesathasan,Farida Kathawalla,Namita Krishnan Sharda Kaul,Nalini Luthra, Vibhu Nagral , Alankrita Narang, Neeru Oberoi, Asha Patel,Farhat Rangwalla, Asha Shah, Sabera Shah, Nalini Sharma, Maeghan Oberoi Smith, Pratima Srinivasan, Meena Subramanyam,Tanuja Sud and Sangita Thakore.

“We would like to recognize Alankrita Narang, our communication and marketing lead who has been helping us from the very beginning of our launch,” said both Garimella and Kathawalla. “She is our youngest member and we are very  appreciative of her work.”


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