Indian-American Shiv Chandra Among 12 Lexington High School Students Honored for Service to the Town and Academic Excellence


LEXINGTON, MA– Shiv Chandra, who has been involved in peer mentoring and leadership in the Lexington Public schools since 6th grade, is among 12 Lexington High School students honored recently for exemplary service to the town, along with his academic and extracurricular achievements.

The award ceremony was held at Lexington Cary Memorial building in Lexington, MA. The awards were given by State Representative Michelle Ciccolo during the opening Lexington Town Meeting Session.

Mr. Chandra has been doing community service to help students decide against drugs, alcohol, destructive behavior. In addition, he has been working on a research project since 2017, with an economist, to figure out trends in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey data.

Here is a Q/A with Mr. Chandra:

INDIA New England News: How you were selected for this honor?

Shiv Chandra: This honor is given to 12 students from Lexington High School, who represent excellence in one or more areas within the school’s academic, social and civic expectations. They are nominated by a counselor or teacher for this recognition, and the final selections were made by the Principal, Deans and K-12 Assistant Counseling Director.

INE: What are your interest and hobbies?

SC: I have been singing and performing in Acapella, Choirs and Broadway musicals since I was in 5th grade. I am the Co-President of the auditioned Honors Concert Choir in Lexington High School. This is a gold medal award winning group at the MICCA conference for the last few years. I have toured in Greece and Bulgaria with them. We also sang at Carnegie Hall in NYC in Jan 2019, by invitation.

I’m also a Co-Leader of the all boys student run and auditioned Acapella group- Rock, Paper, Scissors. I have really enjoyed being part of this group and singing in the Jams that are very popular in my high school.

Since 10th grade I have been singing in two auditioned chorales at the New England Conservatory (Youth Chorale and Youth Camerata) and travelled in Italy to sing with them. I have been performing in Broadway musicals since 6th grade in Diamond Middle school and Lexington high school. I have made a lot of friends in these different groups as we meet every week or several times a week to sing together.

INE: How did get involved in the community service in Lexington?

SC: I have been doing community service in the Town of Lexington. I am a board member of the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) club. I have been working with the Director of Student Wellness and other organizations in town like SHAC to educate and lead elementary and middle school students and my peers in high school to make good choices and stay away from drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances.

I have been involved in research work to study the Youth Risk Behavior Survey data (YRBS) and mental health initiatives. I enjoy being on the School Site Council as the student representative for my class and working on initiatives that the students in our schools and town need.

INE: Any fun stuff?

SC: I was born and raised in Lexington, MA and I enjoy socializing with my friends after school in the vibrant town center, eating ice cream at Rancatore’s or singing, playing games or watching movies. I am also a big fan of several sports, specially, Football and the Patriots.

INE: What type of career you want to pursue?

SC: I have always been interested in Math and Science. This year, I am also studying Micro and Macro Economics. I’m looking for a liberal arts curriculum in college that will let me explore various subjects and I also want to keep singing.


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