Indian American Orthopedic Surgeon at MGH Honored for Song Writing

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BOSTON— The Fever Breakers, a band that includes Indian American Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Gleeson Rebello at Massachusetts General Hospital, was recently honored as a nominee for their song “Yes We Are America” at the 2019 American Songwriting Awards.

Gleeson Rebello

In addition to Dr. Rebello, the band includes Zachary Anderson and John Ventura, MGH inventory specialists. The awards are an international songwriting competition open to unknowns and working artists who want to be recognized for their songwriting talent, according to MGH.

Dr. Rebello, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at MassGeneral Hospital  and a Harvard Medical School faculty member, is author of a children’s book DareBone’s Big Break. He specializes in treating children and young adults with complex hip, foot and neuromuscular disorders and common disorders in pediatric orthopedics.



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