India Conference: Actor Kamal Hassan says freedom of speech is unlike love

Kamal Hassan (Photo: INE News)
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CAMBRIDGE, MA—Veteran Indian actor Kamal Hassan told a packed audience of Harvard University students and members of the Indian community that freedom of speech cannot be taken for granted in a democracy.

Kamal Hassan (Photo: INE News)
Kamal Hassan (Photo: INE News)

Speaking at the annual India Conference at Harvard, Hassan said: “Democracy is often touted as the only bastion of freedom of speech. It is a work in progress. Constant vigil is necessary to safeguard it.”

Hassan, who is a part of the reform committee on changes in the functioning of Central Board of Film Certification in India, said freedom of speech should not be taken for granted.

“Not only India, but the world is in transition. The world is going to face new challenges, find new opportunities. We want India not to be complacent, but set world standards,” Hassan said.

He said freedom of speech is unlike love.

“Love as popularly quoted, is never having to say that you are sorry. With freedom of speech you must be ready to say as many things as you need to before you say sorry. That too only when are truly convinced you are, sorry that is,” Hassan said.



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