In a high-profile divorce case, UK-based Indian businessman sues wife over son from another man


New Delhi– A ruling by a British judge has revealed that an Indian origin man, the son of a London-based arms dealer, is suing his estranged wife after learning that he is not the father of their eight-year-old son.

The couple is already involved in a high-profile divorce case. The names of the couple was not disclosed.

The Daily Mail of London has reported that the judge, Justice Jonathan Cohen, said the man was devastated that he was not the father of the boy and had “launched” a raft of litigations. He said the father wanted “every penny” spent on raising the boy to be returned.

The man wants to be compensated for the distress caused to him by the revelation that the boy is not his son.

As for the woman, Judge Cohen said that she was “full of remorse”.

There was a recent hearing in the family division of the UK High Court in London over whether the woman should reveal the name of the boy’s father.

The man and his father had been arrested in connection with a bribery scandal involving a car manufacturer. The man’s father is widely regarded to be the foremost Indian origin arms dealer. He lives in a multi-million pound mansion in an affluent part of London. (IANS)


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