Have always been a very determined, stubborn person: Badshah

Badshah (Photo: Twitter)
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New Delhi– Rapper Badshah, who has made his radio jockeying debut with RED FM’s new show “Naam Badshah”, says he has always been very determined and stubborn about what he wants in his life.

“There isn’t any ground breaking incident that changed my life around really,” Badshah told IANS here while sharing some of his life experiences that motivated him to reach his goal.

“I have always been a very determined and stubborn person about what I want. So while my parents wanted me to study and follow conventional career paths, I truly wanted to pursue music as a career. So I did both. I studied hard and completed my engineering. And I also pursued music that was my passion,” he added.

“Naam Badshah” takes a dive into Badshah’s life to unravel his musical journey to stardom and how he has encountered different talents in the process. The show gives listeners an opportunity to know Badshah better personally and professionally.

“On the show, we have some mindblowing stories of real people and their journeys of following their passion in spite of what life brings sometimes. I talk about my journey and the hard work that goes behind being where I am today. I hope the youth can connect with these stories and get the mantra of the show – To pursue your dreams,” he said.

So is being a radio jockey a difficult job?

“This is a very exciting new chapter in my life. I have always said and maintained that I think being an RJ is the most difficult job in the media business. To have that energy and animation in your voice alone, to capture your audiences through your show, is entertainment in the true sense,” said Badshah, who has given chartbusters like “Saturday Saturday”, “Chull”, “DJ waley babu” and “Abhi toh party shuru hui hai”.

Talking about the rap culture in Bollywood music industry, he says it has become a very integral part of the mainstream Indian music scene.

“In fact, hip hop has revolutionised the music industry globally right now. The industry and audiences have embraced it with a lot of love. It’s just our song writers’ responsibility to keep working on bringing new sounds and evolving instead of falling into a block,” he said. (IANS)


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