Get ready for a colorful blend of East and West in Delhi

Painting to be exhibited at Silk Road.
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New Delhi– East and West are all set to come together in an innovative week-long exhibition starting here on Thursday.

The show titled, “Silk Road”, will feature contemporary artists from China displaying a blend of Eastern and Western styles. Prominent among them are Xuefeng Mao, Wang Zhong, Lu Zhenyun, Sun Zongde and Guo Youhe.

Painting to be exhibited at Silk Road.
Painting to be exhibited at Silk Road.

From abstract art to calligraphy to traditional paintings, the show will give viewers an opportunity to appreciate the works of these Chinese masters.

“We account for a quarter of world’s population, but unfortunately Chinese painting is almost absent on the international art stage, which is dominated by Western oil paintings,” said Guo Youhe, vice president of the Beijing National Academy of Painting and Calligraphy.

Painting to be exhibited at Silk Road.
Painting to be exhibited at Silk Road.

Apart from paintings and sculptures, artists will also be displaying a huge collection of calligraphy, which is becoming a predominant part of their artistry.

“Opportunities like these enable us display the best of our traditional art. Chinese art is yet to be explored by the world,” artist Lu Zhenyun said.

“We are not only looking forward to the response of Indian viewers but also wish to organise a combined show of Indian and Chinese artists,” Lu added.

Artist Xuefeng Mao’s works highlight aesthetic values of the interplay of traditional Chinese landscape painting and the “bold” colours of Western paintings in his heavy-colour style.

His works have been displayed in national and international art exhibitions and have won numerous domestic and international prizes, including the “Art Award of International Peace Year” by the United Nations.

“Chinese art holds various forms like Indian art but they are not very easy to spot. Many of our artists depict a storyline with hues of one coloUr and one character, other artists prefer an amalgamation of calligraphic symbols in their art works,” artist Sun Zongde said.

Wang Zhong, who has to his credit several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Linda Gallery in Singapore, uses contemporary Chinese ink as his medium. Several of his works have been sold at auctions.

“Silk Road – China Art Masters world Tour Exhibition” will be on at Art spice Gallery in the Metropolitan hotel from July 7 – 13 from 11a.m. to 7 p.m. (IANS)


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