“Extracurricular activities over subpar hobbies”, believes Gauri Mishra

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New Delhi– There has always been a testimony to how music has inspired people to have hope and live a purposeful life. One such example is 15-year-old Gauri Mishra, whose musical journey has been very charming, challenging, and splendid thus far.

The piano prodigy, who believes that children be influenced by music, culture, sports, and other extracurricular activities rather than by subpar activities speaks to IANSlife.

Tell us about how this journey started?

Gauri: According to my parents, I was always enthralled by A R Rahman and Adnan Sami’s TV performances and wished to play with the ‘keys’ as well. I began formal piano lessons when I was four years old and have broken records ever since, including being the youngest piano player at the age of nine, giving a solo performance in front of a large audience, and being judged by Officials of the India Book of Records. At the age of 11, I received a beautiful appreciation and blessings letter from Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and at the age of 13, I received the Pradhan Mantri Rastriya BAL Puraskar from Honorable President of India and Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi as India’s Youngest Pianist.

Who is your favourite pianist?

Gauri: AR Rahman and Adnan Sami are two of my biggest influences. In addition to them, Jon Schmidt and Jacob Koller (The Mad Arranger)

Going forward, do you have plans to pursue music studies or another profession?

Gauri: I am still young and have yet to make a decision, but I place a high value on my studies, and playing the piano is my passion, so it will always be my top priority.

Mention one of the best stage moment you’ll cherish forever.

Gauri: One of my favourite stage moments was when I performed a fusion composition called “AAN” (Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy) at the Manekshaw Center in Dhaula Kuan, and received a standing ovation and the audience began chanting my name-Gauri! Gauri!

That will be a memorable moment for the rest of my life. (IANS)


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