Emphasis of ‘clean approach’ to lifestyle products

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By N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi– A grocery shopping bag speaks a lot about one’s health as well as the environment. A great deal of awareness generated across many platforms has ensured that people realise the importance of a simple diet, one that is focused on nutrition that cleanses the system and nurtures health.

Making its mark felt in people’s lives over time is following a ‘Clean Approach’ towards what they consume. Luke Coutinho, Co-founder at YouCare Lifestyle, emphasis on a ‘Clean Approach’ extends from food like vegetables, fruit, or dairy to the beauty and wellness segments too.

Rising Awareness

Given its convincing benefits, swapping everyday products with organic and chemical-free produce has gained a lot of attention and support from people in the past few years. Since they are grown naturally, organic food is considered healthier and more nutritious than regular foods. This increasing awareness has also given rise to the demand for such natural and organic produce. India is a large country with a population count where each one cannot make an immediate transition to eating healthy.

For instance, city folks and people living in urban areas have begun transitioning towards a healthier lifestyle. This is something that counterparts in villages have always been doing. In rural India, eating organic food and cultivating produce in farms and dairy products is an integral part of the lifestyle.

Lifestyle Choice

We live in a world that wreaks contamination, the air, water, food, and soil too is polluted. This toxin overload is a reality. If you feel continuous fatigue and sleeplessness it could be your body signalling a need for a ‘clean approach’. Our body needs the liver to expel toxins, the deformation of the system that removes toxins from the body leads to a toxin build-up. We have a tendency to burden our liver with too many toxins and making the right food choices is an indication of the lifestyle one follows.

Consumers who seek products that are organic and chemical-free are more conscious about investing in their health and what’s inside the jar is increasingly important to them. Organic food products are always fresh because they are not treated with any preservatives or wax for a longer shelf-life. They are, however, the most effective way to a cleaner way of life.

Conscious Consumerism

The demand for conscious consumerism is linked to this. What started with those aged 25 to 30 years who opted for clean products is now seen across people of different generations. Evolved consumers choose products like hair care, face masks, and face treatments which are toxin free and safe for the environment. Among cosmetics, we find today that many of the products contain xenoestrogens.

Also known as endocrine disruptors, these xenoestrogens can be found in a variety of everyday products that we use. Many of us do not think twice about the makeup we wear each day and these xenoestrogens can create havoc with our hormones and are a cause of every single condition from obesity to PCOD and some hormone dependant cancers.

Our country’s rich history of using herbs and practicing Ayurveda needs no elaboration. Making use of this deep-rooted connection with organic skin and hair care products is a safer and wiser alternative. (IANS)


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