Elli AvrRam’s new post dedicated to her ‘love for paani puri’

Elli AvrRam
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Mumbai– Actress Elli AvrRam’s new post on social media is dedicated to her love she has for gorging on “paani puris”.

Elli took to Instagram, where she shared a hilarious TikTok video of herself. In the clip, she is seen playing a double role.

She first plays a doctor and is heard mouthing this dialogue in Hindi: “Your reports are fine but your ‘paani’ (water) intake is low.”

Elli then plays a role of boy and says: “Yes, because I’ve not had ‘paani puris’ for many days.”

She then gorges on some tasty “paani puris” in the video.

Elli captioned the clip: “For the love of paani puri”.

Amid lockdown, the Swedish-Greek origin actress is cooking. She took to her Instagram Stories, where she shared recipes of the dishes she made.

She even captioned one photograph of her dish as: “I had to kiss my hands for this one.”

Recently, Elli posted a belly dancing video, which went viral on social media. (IANS)


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