Desi Bridal News Launches Wedding Features With Ins-and-Outs of Preparing the Perfect Wedding Outfit

Twinkle Morbia Gautam
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WALTHAM, MA– A couple’s wedding day is one of the most important and exciting occasions in their lives, but planning this auspicious occasion can be stressful!

Desi Bridal News, a sister publication of INDIA New England News and IndUS Business Journal, will publish an informational series on making your wedding memorable and stress-free leading up to our annual Spring Wedding Expo on April 30, 2017 at the Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.

In our inaugural interview, we asked Twinkle Morbia Gautam of Syna’s Collection for her perspective on the ins-and-outs of preparing the perfect wedding outfit.

Twinkle Morbia Gautam

Desi Bridal News: What should a bride look for in a wedding outfit?

Twinkle Morbia: Wearing a gorgeous wedding outfit that will make her look the most beautiful on her ‘big day’ is every bride-to-be’s dream. It goes without saying, brides spend lot of time in narrowing down ‘the one perfect outfit’ for the most important day of her life.

A wedding is an eclectic mix of tradition, colors and rituals that reflect a vibrant and rich culture. When it comes to the wedding outfit, the most important factor to consider is the right color. The color of the outfit must be appropriate, not out of fashion, and at the same time complements the bride’s complexion. Another rule of thumb of any wedding, is not to turn up in colors that are inappropriate for an auspicious occasion. For this, one must research the latest color trends (and what colors to avoid) to make a statement at the wedding.

An elaborate affair, amid numerous pre- and post-wedding functions and timeless rituals, marks the celebration of an Indian wedding. The color of the outfits has a huge importance in pre- and post-wedding ceremonies. When it comes to Hindu weddings, an outfit’s colors has huge importance and meaning for each ceremony.

For example, ‘Haldi’ – the ritual of application of Haldi (turmeric) paste applied on the bride and the groom – to ward off evil eye and to bestow them with the ‘wedding glow’. It has been an age-old tradition for the bride and the groom to wear yellow colored outfits during the ceremony for couple of reasons. One being, the color is auspicious and the second, the practical purpose of the turmeric stain not being too evident on the clothes.

Another thing to consider is Mahendi/Sangeet, where the bride and groom has choice to explore huge color range and end up with the one, that best suits them and complements each other and the theme they decide for the event.

In regard to the wedding/Pheras, one can decide if they want to follow the traditions or not. If the couple opts for a traditional approach, then their color choices are mostly in ‘red’ and ‘crimson’, as red is considered the most auspicious color and the color of love.  Though it is not unusual for certain brides to try some different, softer colors that would complement their complexion.

Another important element to consider is how heavy-look the bride wants. As wisely said, ‘Everything that glitters is not gold’ similarly it’s not necessary that the wedding outfit is only beautiful if it’s very heavily embroidered and glittery. Today’s trend is very much opposite. Today, soft and subtle embroideries, elegant designs with beautifully fitting cuts along with the right ‘Statement Unique Jewelry’ is what makes the bride stand out.

DBN: What should a bride consider before she starts looking for a wedding outfit?

TM: There are multiple factors involved while choosing the perfect wedding outfit. After narrowing down the color choices that would suit bride’s complexion, it is also very important that the bride’s outfit color choice complements the groom’s outfit’s color.

The second most important factor that needs to be considered is the budget. Today, fashion has become way too expensive. So, setting a budget for the wedding outfit will help to ease the planning and shopping. Narrowing down on the concept with a little bit of research on the present trends helps a lot too.

Today’s generation is too crazy about designer labels, especially those worn by Bollywood Celebrities and the trends they set. So, have a look at the synopsis of their collection either online or by visiting their flagship stores (if your budget permits) helps a lot. And if the budget doesn’t permit for a designer label outfit, I would say you should still have a look at their latest collections as that will give the bride a good idea of the present trend in the market.

DBN: What should a groom consider before he starts looking for a wedding outfit?

TM: Again, the same important steps should be followed by the groom as that of a bride. Right color choices that suits groom’s complexion and complements brides outfit. The total miss-match between bride and groom’s outfit is a little off-trend now. This should be followed by setting the budget and then the research on present trend and style.

DBN: What would you consider the most essential part of any wedding outfit?

TM: Following fashion and trend is good but not at an expense of miss-match to your personality and comfort of ease when one gets into that outfit. One can like certain style and design of the outfit, but when he or she tries it on, and if it doesn’t complement and enhance his or her’s personality, then that style is not for that to-be-bride / groom. One can certainly have a huge budget, and like the best style that is in fashion, but if it hammers one’s personality, then that person is in for a huge blunder. According to me, one should not get so lost and become the slave of fashion that he or she doesn’t recognize oneself.

DBN: What are the latest trends in wedding fashion?
Today’s fashion has made many leaps and crossed boundaries. The fusion of eastern and western style in terms of colors, subtleness, embroidery craftsmanship and revival of old traditional weaves is in vogue right now. But, what has not changed is the love for lahenga and sarees. Wearing lahenga and in some cases, traditional sarees as the wedding outfit has always been a bride’s number one choice right from olden times and it’s continuing in the present. What has changed, is the variation in the concept.

DBN: Interracial, interreligious and intercultural marriages are on rise- how has this changed the way expectant brides and grooms dress?

TM: The rise in interracial, interreligious and intercultural marriages has only made bride’s and groom’s planning for outfits easier! With increasing trends in inter-culture and inter-religious marriages, the Indian bride has also gained a huge say in deciding the concept and color choices of her wedding outfit, which was not the case before.  With this, the fusion in outfits according to one’s traditions also came into existence.

For example, I read an article, of a Christian guy marrying a Gujarathi girl. So, to respect both of their cultural values, the Gujarathi bride wore a white and red saree (widely known as ‘Panetar’), that symbolizes the Gujarathi tradition and culture along with a long white veil, that symbolizes the Catholic tradition of the groom.

Similarly, with a groom’s outfit, the outfit with the mix of traditions is a little tough but inter-culture and inter-religion has opened the groom’s mind set of choosing the outfit, giving him a much wider choice in terms of style and colors.

DBN: What would you advise a person from a western culture to include in an intercultural marriage to someone with an Indian background? What would you advise a person from India to include in an intercultural marriage to someone with a western background?

TM: For a person from western culture background, it’s the best opportunity to explore new, dressier and more colorful choices. According to me, since richness in embroidery and huge range of color choices has not been the trend with western culture, he or she can incorporate that into his or her wedding outfit. As for the person from India, he or she can incorporate fusion of subtle colors, more classy and fashionable cuts into his or her wedding outfit. In both the cases, traditional importance of opposite culture’s outfits is the pivotal and the best thing one could in-corporate while making decision of their outfits.



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