Daily beauty ritual ramps up women’s love life

Photo courtesy: Revlon
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NEW YORK–A daily beauty ritual can improve women’s love life and can make them feel good about themselves, a new study by Revlon and Fordham University reveals.

The participants in the Revlon Love Study followed a simple ritual which included facing a mirror every morning, using a favourite perfume, applying make-up, savouring a sweet, taking a deep breath and looking at yourself and smiling.

The findings of the study that involved hundreds of women, showed that 97 percent of the women showed a positive change within the first week of following this daily ritual, www.destinyconnect.com reported.

“Rituals can be powerful — performing them can actually change the way you feel. Taking the time each day to appreciate yourself, especially what makes you unique, is a simple but effective way to create positive energy,” Tracy Rohrbaugh, vice president, marketing at Revlon was quoted as saying.

Photo courtesy: Revlon
Photo courtesy: Revlon

“This daily ritual can manifest more kindness, more affection, more flirting, and more love. Initiating this virtuous cycle helps the doer to both give and receive more love,” she added.

The study consisted of both qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Fordham University.

A series of six ethnographies were conducted among 28 women (aged 21-43) with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities in Chicago and Rochester USA, while an online panel of 710 women who wear make-up were taken through the same process.

In both cases, the women were studied before and after following the daily ritual for a minimum of four days.

After four days, 71 percent felt an increased desire for romance, 69 percent were more open to finding love and 77 percent felt more outgoing and social, and 74 percent said they were more likely to flirt.


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