Create own leadership, Yunus tells youngsters

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Kolkata– The young generation should create its own leadership and encourage the natural instincts to build a new world, Nobel laureate and economist Muhammad Yunus said here on Monday.

“The young generation need not follow somebody from the previous generation, be it the US, India or Bangladesh. Simply speaking, the young generation have to create their own leadership, have to create their own world.

Muhammad Yunus

“And they are the only one who can create their own world. Nobody else can do that. You have to take charge of yourself. Take charge of the world itself. Stay on course, know what you want. And it will be done if you make up your mind.

“Making up one’s mind is the most important thing to do,” Yunus said at a session on his new book “A World of Three Zeros” at the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet 2018.

The 77-year-old founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh also advised the youth not to try and fit into a formula but rather encourage their natural instincts.

“I would encourage you to imagine the kind of world you would want to be in. That imagination is most important. If you imagine that, then you figure how you get there.”

The Chittagong-born Younus advised the youngsters to delve into uncharted territories in order to create a new world.

“If you follow the existing roads, you will go to the existing world. If you want to go to a new place, you have to build new roads. So start building the new roads, once you imagine what you want,” he added. (IANS)


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