How to choose sari fabric for summer

Suman Chowdhury Saree model (Photo courtesy Saree Times)
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New Delhi– Staying away from saris due to summer heat? Go for fabrics that are soft and lightweight, says an expert.

Sari expert Vineet Chhajer, creative director from Vineet’s Sarees, suggests some summer-friendly sari fabrics:

Suman Chowdhury Saree model (Photo courtesy Saree Times)
Suman Chowdhury Saree model (Photo courtesy Saree Times)

* Malmal saris: They are mostly in demand and worn by women during summer as they are soft, light-weighted, and have a smooth texture.

* Viscose saris: The most important aspect of this fabric is that it can be easily dyed and it retains its colour for a longer duration. The texture of the fabric allows proper air passage because of the pores.

* Cotton saris: Breezy, light-weight and absorbent, they are perfect for the hot and sweaty days. They easily absorb the sweat from your body and help your skin breathe making you feel cool.

* Linen saris: They are comfortable and have sweat-absorbing properties. The main benefit of wearing linen during summer is that it allows easy air flow.

* Chiffon saris: Chiffon is not only light-weight but also soft. The comfort you get with this fabric is totally worth the money.



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