Chai with Manju talks to six singing superstars

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Front row from left: Anuradha Pala­kurthi, Sudha Lakshmi Rao, Manju Sheth, Meena Sun­daram; Back row from left: Shirish Nimgaonkar, Raghu Saranathan, Mohan Subra­maniam. Photo by Rasik Mehta

Shakespeare once said: “If music be the food of love, play on.” This past year was truly a year that belonged to music and musicians in New England. We were treated to a beautiful array of music and to singers who delighted us and left us all very blissful and satiated.

To reflect this great year of music, I have put together a special edition of the “Chai with Manju” series that highlights singers, all of whom have followed their passion in life, which has led them to the stage as performing stars. They have all added to the rich cultural heritage of India, South Asia and New England, and enriched us all.

While the number of music enthusiasts that have graced the stage and performed for us is probably too high to really track down, INDIA New England has done its best to highlight a spectrum of singers that provide the musical backdrop to the region’s growing cultural explosion. To start off, “Chai with Manju” sat down with six top singers in New England, who have entertained and enthralled us in 2012, and took a peek into their public and private lives, as well as discussed the passion, influences and goals that keep them coming back to the microphone.

Singing is a much loved and appreciated craft, but certainly other expression, such as art, poetry, dance, music, fashion and music, draws a passionate and hungry audience. During the coming year, the “Chai with Manju” series, aims to also highlight noteworthy individuals in all these cultural areas, as well as in business, education, health and community service.

For now, though, let’s meet some of those who are creating a melody to enjoy life by.
Shirish Nimgaonkar

Anuradha Palakurthi

Sudha Lakshmi Rao

Raghu Saranathan

Mohan Subramaniam

Meena Sundaram

Every life has a story, share it with INDIA New England over “Chai with Manju,” an exciting, innovative and riveting series featuring interviews with some of the most interesting, active, accomplished, amusing and entertaining men and women. Conducting the new interview series is Dr. Manju Sheth, a well-known physician at Beverly Hospital and INDIA New England’s 2011 Woman of the Year. She is also president of Indian Medical Association of New England. Sheth leads and is involved with numerous professional groups, charities and advocacy organizations, and will be profiling people who have compelling stories to tell. If you or someone you know has a compelling story to tell, you may contact Sheth at or INDIA New England Editor Martin Desmarais at


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