Celebrating Foodie Week with Chef Ajay Chopra

Ajay Chopra
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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– Chef Ajay Chopra says, “India has hugely picked up on the short video content format and are excited to showcase their cooking skills and unique recipes on short video apps.”

The food veteran has collaborated with short video app Roposo to celebrate Foodie Week #CookWithChopra, till July 11.

Chopra will create content on some exciting recipes using leftovers, lip-smacking snacks, and desserts. Additionally he will share tips, tricks that apply in the kitchen that would interest all foodies and aspiring chefs.

Read excerpts from his conversation with IANSlife:

Q: Tell us about your association with Glance Roposo

A: It’s been a month since I have collaborated with Roposo as their curator/creator. People are in search of short-video content that includes dance, music, comedy, and lifestyle. We are trying to excite people by bringing something different through the cooking category. In the last two years, people have enjoyed cooking a lot, and the app is a great way to showcase your short videos on cooking.

Q: You are hosting a foodie week with the #CookWithChopra trend on Glance Roposo, what is planned for the weeklong activity?

A: We are celebrating Roposo Foodie Week with the #CookWithChopra trend. I will be creating interesting content with videos on recipes using leftovers, instant snacks and delicious desserts, apart from sharing my unique tips and tricks with other food content creators and my audience. We encourage all the food content creators out there to get onto the app to cook with me. The challenge is you must cook a tasty dish, that too quickly. Since it is on a short video app, you have to upload a video that is short, quirky and use the hashtag #CookwithChopra. Furthermore, I will select dishes that will be showcased on my social media handles. You also can stand a chance to win some exciting prizes.

Q: What can the content creators expect from the engagement?

A: Through this engagement, we are creating a community for content creators who enjoy cooking, intending to encourage food content creators. The winners will win some exciting prizes and shout out from me on the app as well as on my other social media handles. Every eligible story wins 50,000 Roposo coins which creators can redeem.

Q: What are your views on the kind of content that is being created today?

A: India has hugely picked up on the short video content format and are excited to showcase their cooking skills and unique recipes on short video apps. The pandemic has given rise to a lot of new young food creators who started by creating fun videos on banana breads and Dalgona coffees. Short video apps have helped these creators build a viewer base and keep them engaged and excited with trends, challenges, and contests in their genre of interest.

Q: Any tips you would like to give to foodies on creating food content?

A: Few tips that I want to share are to keep it simple and not complicate things. I’m not expecting the Niharis of the world, I want to look for simple ingredient-based dishes. So, if you can make three or five-ingredient dishes, I will be happy with that since all I want is to see your passion and thought process in it. I want to see you created something great and astounding that is also quick.

Q: Can you share tips on how to create exciting recipes made from leftovers?

A: We generally throw away leftovers, but it’s an opportunity to create something new. Leftover aloo ki sabzi can be made into an aloo ki tikki, stuffed puri, a wrap, a salad, and so many other things. There are so many leftover dishes in our fridges which can be created into some amazing delicacies. (IANS)


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