Can a cursed inheritance be turned into a blessing?

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New Delhi– Award-winning author and poet, Sutapa Basu brings to you a heady mix of mystery and the paranormal, a treasure hunt, and an amateur detective at work that will remind readers of the works of Satyajit Ray and Ruskin Bond.

Set in a huge, dilapidated mansion in Kolkata, “The Cursed Inheritance” is the journey of a young, intelligent and digitally savvy woman whose idealistic, ethical beliefs are pitted against an older, corrupt, immoral mindset.

Anahita Sarkar who has grown up in London is bequeathed a mansion in Kolkata that she has never seen. She travels to the City of Joy to dispose of her inheritance only to realise that it has deep, dark secrets.

As she enters the mansion, these secrets become enigmas that pursue her; a grand house that speaks to her, an intriguing visitor who knows a little too much, a friendly foe who wraps secrets in riddles, and a mysterious past that is cursed – putting at stake her family’s reputation and her own values.

Can she dig deeper to unravel the mystery and turn the cursed inheritance into a blessing?

Sutapa Basu’s book, “The Curse of Nader Shah”, won the Best Fiction Award by AutHer Awards, 2020 while her debut, a psychological thriller, “Dangle” was nominated for the Anupam Kher Award for Debut Novels in 2017.

She is well-known for her best-selling historical fiction, “Padmavati, The Queen Tells Her Own Story” (2017). Her second historical fiction initiated the Invader Series with “The Legend of Genghis Khan” (2018) and continued with “The Curse of Nader Shah” (2019). Her two anthologies, “Out Of The Blue, Stories with a Twist” and “The Anatomy of Affection, Tales That Touch You” (2020) have recently been released.

A poet, author, and publishing professional, her short stories have appeared in the anthologies, “Crossed & Knotted, Defiant Dreams”, “When They Spoke” and “Write India Stories”. Her poems have been published in “Kaafiyana” and “The Dawn Beyond Waste”.

She also runs a live chat show, “Bistro Buzz Conversations with Sutapa Basu” that hosts unique people from across spheres and the world. Read her works on her website (IANS)



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