Bostonian Ramesh Kapur Hosts Fund Raiser for Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy

(Photo credit: Thomas Arul)
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WINCHESTER, MA–US-India Security Council President Ramesh Viswanath Kapur hosted a lunch and fund raiser for Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy at his home in Winchester, MA.

The lunch was attended by many priominent Indian Americans. The event was held to support Congressman KrishnaMoorthy for his forthcoming election in November and also express the support of the Indian American Community for the Congressman’s consistent and constant stand supporting causes that help the Indian American Community and also build stronger US-India relations. The event raised around $40,000, and there are more events planned to help the congressman.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Kapur welcomed the Congressman to his home and expressed gratitude to Mr. Krishnamoorthy for his support in the past and urged the community to come forward and help the congressman in his tough election.

Photo credit: Thomas Arul

He said that Mr. Krishnamoorthy has been identified as one of the candidates by the Republican Party that wants to defeat him to reclaim the majority in the house. He said that he is proud of the congressman who has never shied away from his roots. He said that Mr. Krishnamoorthy is first Indian American Congressman he is hosting at his home.

Mr. Kapur said that Raja Krishnamoorthy attended the Kashmir files program in the House of Representatives and was the keynote speaker at the Indian American’s against the genocide in ukraine event on the capitol hill. The Congressman arranged for the room and assisted with his staff for the event.

Photo credit: Thomas Arul

Mr. Krishnamoorthy spoke about his journey from his humble beginning to being a house of representative and said he will always stand with the Indian American Community and celebrate their journey and success in the greatest countries in the world – USA. He also spoke about about his trip to Taiwan with speaker – Nancy Palosi and the stare down with the Chinese during the historic flight.

Mr. Krishnamurthy said that the delegation led by the speaker arrived to a massive gathering of people who welcomed the speaker and delegation in Taiwan and were seen as national heroes in the country. He also said that due to his consistent stand he has been banned by China and Russia. He said that the ISI in pakistan also views him as a enemy for his stand against radicals in Pakistan. He reiterated that he respected all religions and never discriminated against any color, race or religion. He assured that if he wins, he will continue to support strategic relations between USA and India so that this friendship can deter China from its ambitions in the pacific.


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