Bollywood acts as catalyst for Indian fashion industry: Manav Gangwani

Manav Gangwani
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By Durga Chakravarty

New Delhi– Fashion designer Manav Gangwani feels that the Hindi film industry acts as a catalyst for the Indian fashion industry in terms of retail. He believes that since Bollywood has a huge fan base, it helps in getting a designer’s brand recognised.

The designer, who has styled Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, believes that associating with such celebrities pushes a designer’s creations.

Manav Gangwani
Manav Gangwani

“Bollywood certainly acts as a catalyst for the Indian Fashion industry in terms of retail. In one way or another, the designers prefer to commercially dress up a celebrity outfit for a film rather than showcase it exclusively on the ramp. Since Bollywood has millions of followers, the brand recognition through it goes a long way,” Gangwani told IANS in an e-mail interview.

“Bollywood and the fashion industry impose a great influence on one another. Customers religiously follow fashion trends portrayed in cinema. When celebrities are spotted wearing a certain design, the brand recognition instantly shoots up. In the same way, various movies serve as a great inspiration to designers,” Gangwani added.

He says that the designers take it as a “challenge” to create “something that fits perfectly with the theme of the movie”.

The connoisseur of couture wear is more than happy with the “fruitful evolution” of the couture industry in the country.

“Many designers are working out new handcrafting techniques, digital technologies, unusual fabric, and contrasting colour combinations in their designs.

“In terms of inspirations, muse, concepts and notions, the sky is the limit. Minimalistic ensembles are gaining popularity over traditional and classic ones,” said Gangwani, who has designed for international singers like Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga and Eric Clapton.

The designer, who also had the honour of dressing the King Of Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, shared that the “potential customers are more discerning than ever and have a growing penchant for exclusivity”.

Gangwani says that the primary colour palette is being overshadowed by “jewel tones, pastel shades and textured prints”.

The growing couture industry has set high standards for aspiring designers and that intense competition makes designers put their best work forward, he shared.

“Everyone wants to stand out and do things out of the ordinary and because of this intense competition, everyone has put their best work forward overflowing with innovative and creative designs,” he shared.

The designer feels that couture in India is not just restricted to bridal wear.

“In India, couture is definitely not just restricted to bridal wear. Minimalistic ensembles have been a hot trend lately, which is not a passing fad. Many young designers have taken inspiration from western silhouettes and have successfully blended them with traditional designs,” he said.

He also shared that red and pink will remain the traditional favourites among many brides, but the modern day bride would also consider jewel tones in her wedding ensemble.

“Many to-be brides desire out of the ordinary colour palettes ranging from navy blue, emerald green to shades of ivory, set in ornate mirror work and embroidered textures,” he added.

Is a heavily embellished bridal wear still a favourite for the modern day woman?

“Whether the bride opts for a heavily embellished ensemble or something simple and subtle, it all depends on her personal preference. An intricately ornate and embellished silhouette will remain the traditional choice for many brides. Minimalism is a popular trend among modern Indian brides,” said Gangwani. (IANS)


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