Armaan Malik feels life is not ‘as exciting as it was when we were kids’

Armaan Malik
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Mumbai– Life is not as much exciting now as it was in childhood, 25-year-old singer Armaan Malik tweeted on Saturday.

“Nothing is as exciting as it was when we were kids. Does anyone feel that?” Armaan expressed on his verified Twitter account.

Fans on social media agreed with his post in the comment section.

“Yes @ArmaanMalik22 … the unknown, the innocence of childhood makes everything more exciting! Unless your new song is coming out, and your teasing begins! Happy New Year!” wrote a user.

“Yes, why do we grow up so fast? Can we again live the life like we used to live when we kids? Can we smile in every small enjoyment that we think is nothing? Can we just greet everyone like we used to do? Can we be happy in small things like the infants do? Can we?” asked a fan.

“Everything really was more colorful when we were kids, we were happy for no reason and now we’re just sad for no reason sometimes. Life is just soo weird..I really wish I could go back to the time when we were kids and everything was great,” observed another user.

In a tweet posted on Friday, Armaan had reminded his fans to count their blessings. “You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are. Happy new year everybody #HappyNewYear2021,” he wrote.

The singer also informed a few days ago that he can’t wait to show his fans what he has in store for them in the new year. (IANS)

Armaan Malik feels life is not 'as exciting as it was when we were kids'. (photo:instagram)


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