Anuv Jain’s new song ‘Alag Aasmaan’ talks of long distance love

Anuv Jain (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Singer Anuv Jain, who has been wowing audience with his independent brand of music, has now come up with a new track, titled Alag Aasmaan.

The new song narrates the story of a girl who leaves the guy’s place and travels back to her house in a different city, under a different sky.

“It is very rare to meet each other in a long-distance relationship and when you finally do, the goodbyes can get difficult. There’s so much uncertainty and you do not know when you’ll meet again. ‘Alag Aasmaan ‘ is very relevant in the current times as a lot of people around the world cannot see their loved ones. Even after being stuck under different skies (‘Alag Aasmaan’), the spirit of hope and strength is high,” Anuv said.

He added: “The way I’ve written it, I’ve tried to make the song a hopeful one. It has themes of a young, foolish love and talks about how no relationship is insignificant. How people in long-distance relationships spend little time together but still make the most of it and fill this with innumerable memories.”

Anuv is best known for his songs “Baarishein” and “Riha”. (IANS)


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