Amit Chaudhuri releases new poetry collection

Amit Chaudhuri
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New Delhi–Noted novelist, essayist, poet and musician Amit Chaudhuri’s new poetry collection “Sweet Shop” has arrived at the stands.

The collection of 31 poems makes a fresh, spiritual accommodation with the world. The poems often take their themes from sweets named and eaten, meals remembered, and matches these with meditations on culture, people, time and identity that slowly unfold as much in the mouth as in the mind.

What the readers discover are the hesitations, assessments and uncertainties that in their totality make us human. Those quiet moments of revelation and rediscovery that create our lives as much as reflect their circumstances, locating and healing us in their intimate pleasures, are also reflected in the surreal poems by Chaudhuri.

“Chaudhuri’s experiments in poetic alchemy turn sweet nothings into ontological reflections. These odes to the pleasures of ‘faltu’ — the unnecessary — are pungent, chewy, and succulent,” American poet, essayist and scholar Charles Bernstein has written in his endorsement of the book.

Published by Penguin Random House India, “Sweet Shop” is priced at Rs 299. (IANS)


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