Afghan VP continues unabated Pakistan slamming

Amrullah Saleh (Photo: IANS)
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By Sanjeev Sharma

New Delhi– Afghanistan’s First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh is clearly the pre-eminent face of the country’s leadership who is not mincing words against Pakistan and its leadership in fomenting trouble.

In a latest tweet, Saleh blamed Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi for “once again speaking on behalf of Taliban”.

“Once again speaking on behalf of Taliban terrorists, the strategic proxy of his country in Afghanistan & the region, Foreign Minister Qureshi is louder. But can he explain where does he gets his confidence? When was the latest meeting of GHQ with Quetta Shura & HQN?” Saleh queried in a tweet on Sunday.

The tweet comes after Qureshi said that the Taliban would not allow the Islamic State (IS) militants to penetrate into their country.

All of Saleh’s messaging over the last few days and weeks is directly attacking Pakistan, the ISI, Pakistan Army and the Taliban.

In an earlier tweet he said: “Afghanistan is under a full scale invasion of Taliban terrorists who have an organised backing & sponsorship in Pakistan. It has to be tackled. Talibs use Doha office for deception. They have no intention to engage in meaningful negotiations.”

There have been calls to shut down the Taliban’s Doha office which is being used to garner legitimacy for its terrorism.

After a huge rally by Pashtuns in Waziristan which slammed Pakistan’s role in the proxy war in Afghnaistan, Saleh again attacked Pakistan for extortion.

“Pak used to portray Waziristan as a lawless tribal land sending fighters & terrorists to Afg. Give us 10 digit $$ & we will fix it, GHQ/ISI used to demand frm the West. Now an awakened Waziristan has crushed that falsehood & openly echoes Afghan voices. Higher lies fall harder,” he said in an earlier tweet.

The First Vice President has also accused Pakistan of full scale invasion of Afghnaistan.

“The propaganda stunts won’t change the reality & improve Pakistan’s image in my country. The reality is that Pakistan Army is the architect, strategic master & low profile supplier of the ongoing full scale terror invasion in my country. Forty second twitter clip won’t change the reality,” he tweeted.

Saleh also said that Taliban is a replica of the IS and Al Qaeda with links to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

“Pakistan’s diplomatic community is working hard painting & decorating a fictional image for Talibs. On the ground however Talibs 2.0 is nothing but an Afghan replica of IS-K & Al Qaeda, providing bases to foreign ‘good & bad terrorists’. The ‘good’ LeT is their buddies in allegiance.

“To this date no member of the Afghan intelligentsia, no business person other than opium sellers, former or current diplomat, no Afghan of reputation and dignity has joined the Talibs. None. The reason is simple. People are united against a Rawalpindi’s GHQ backed clerical dictatorship,” Saleh said while implying that Afghans are revisiting Rawalpindi’s dictatorship. (IANS)


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