A Wedding Photographer Can Make or Ruin Your Most Important Day and the After

Dyuti Majumdar
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(Editor’s note: As we get ready for INDIA New England News’s Spring Wedding Expo on April 15 at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA, on April 15, 2018, we are publishing a series of articles and Q&A on weddings. The event is free to all attendees. To register for free, please click here. Today’s Q&A focuses on wedding photography with Dyuti Majumdar Art and Memories.)

INDIA New England News: What should a potential bridal couple look for in a wedding photographer?

Dyuti Majumdar: Good portfolio is obviously a start, but couples should also look for the personality of the photographer and see that matches with their own. Another essential item to review also would be to see full weddings shot by the photographer instead of a few individual shots.

INE: What is the time commitment a couple needs to make to get the best photos possible?

DM: This is an important and often neglected part in many weddings. Long weddings have many moving parts and they often run late. To make beautiful images that last a lifetime, a discussion with the photographer early on is important before the timeline is set. Ideally, commiting 30-60 minutes between main events should be set aside for picture taking. Deciding on locations within or around the venue for photographs also helps.

Dyuti Majumdar

INE: What are the latest trends in wedding photography?

DM: After a few years of “instagram filter” looks, more and more couples are showing interest in “film” looks, including classy black and whites. Pre-wedding shoots are still very much in trend.

INE: What would you consider the most essential part of any successful wedding photos?

DM: Planning ahead of the wedding day. Time is always tight for wedding photographers. Pre-conceived ideas help the shoot go smooth and keep the couple relaxed.

INE: What are some things that you consider as a photographer before photographing a wedding party?

DM: Wedding parties are all about keeping the pictures fun and wild. My goal during a party is always not to pose people too much, but make dramatic shots where the energy is best captured.

INE: Interracial, interreligious and intercultural marriages are on rise- how has this changed the way people celebrate marriages, and the way they are photographed?

DM: I find these wedding amazing to cover. Its fun to watch how well folks blend with a different culture altogether through rituals, music and dance. Photographing these weddings dont make much difference except for a few religious nuances, but the pictures always look interesting in the end.

INE: What is some advice that you would give as a photographer to couples before their wedding day?

DM: Relax, eat and hydrate. Its a day for them to have fun, not to worry about all the details. Outsourcing the decisions to responsible family members, friends or a professional wedding planner help achieve the same goals.

INE: Is there anything else you would like to add to the article?

DM: My advice to couples would be to be nice to all the vendors. They work very hard for long hours to give the clients the the best day of their life. A little kindness and appreciation goes a long way.


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