What are the latest trends in bridal wear?

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(Editor’s note: As we get ready for INDIA New England News’s Spring Wedding Expo on April 15 at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA, on April 15, 2018, we are publishing a series of articles and Q&A on weddings. The event is free to all attendees. To register for free, please click here. Today’s Q&A focuses on latest trends in bridal wear with  with Shibani Mathur of Jewels N More by Shibani.)

Shibani Mathur

INDIA New England News: What are this season’s trends in bridal wear?

Shibani Mathur: “Traditional with a Twist” or Fusion seems to the flavor of the wedding season this year. Brides to be are selecting wisely from the superfluity of choices and opting to adorn unique and stylish wedding outfits tailored to befit each ones personality and style.

The rise in the interracial marriages have promoted a breaking of stereotype in the sense, that fashion sense around the bridal collection has evolved. Numerous fresh elements in style, color and drapes of Indian wedding dresses are breaking the monotony of similar wedding dresses.

The most popular and gorgeous India wedding trends in vogue right now are in shades of “Pastels and Metallic”. The reds , magentas and maroons are not completely retired but beige, corals, peach,nudes, mint greens and turquoise are the painting the palettes generously. Although the bold statement colors like royal blues , bright yellows and oranges still prevail ,all are accentuated with the metallic gold, silver, bronze and crystals to conspire in sculpting the bride into the Showstopper on her big day.

The cuts, flares, layers, trails, belts with logos or studded with gems are all playing to add drama to the indian wedding outfits or the convenient gowns and the brides to be are staging the customized couture on her most memorable day with a surge of confidence!

INE: What should a bride look for in their wedding outfit?

SM: It is every brides dream to look ethereal and simply spectacular on her wedding day. The day when all eyes are scanning her with appreciation and delight and a photoshoot capturing her glamour to etch memories for a lifetime. It is imperative that the bride chooses sagaciously and makes prudent decisions for the most glamourous day of her life. The “color “of her wedding dress will speak volumes and that is the key to set the tone! A bride to be must elect a color that compliments her skin tone and most importantly makes her stand out, contrasting or complimenting the décor and the backdrop colors. The last thing a bride would want is to blend in, it is her day to stand out and scream shine!

Although it is the bride’s day to over indulge, it would not be wise to pick out an extremely heavy wedding outfit, after all she has to carry it off for quite a few hours and any discomfort will take away from her vibrant and glowing demure. So brides to be please do consider comfort over extremely heavy ensemble.

Enhancing your own personality and taste should always be on the top of the bride’s list when searching for a wedding outfit. Wearing a designer couture is awesome ,but spending some productive time with the designer will impart your personal taste and flavor of your wedding theme ,resulting into an outfit custom made that evokes a brides personality and the end results will be surly heavenly.

At Jewels N More by Shibani , the fashion house for designer couture and exquisite jewelry and accessories , we take all the aspects from the bride’s point of view to design with perfection and pour out tons of passion to create the spectacular wedding dress envisioned , to  complete the entire look we customize with the finest and exquisite  jewelry collection.

INE: What should a bride consider before she starts looking for a wedding outfit?

SM: An excellent research, a good homework for design trends, theme of her wedding, destination of the wedding, indoor or an outdoor venue all play a crucial part in deciding the fabric , color , design of the wedding outfit. Most importantly her body type will also be a great guide to the bride as to what the wedding outfits should look like. Designers can add flares to the outfit to bring attention to the tiny waist or layer and add cuts to slim down.

Looking for a clever designer who can understand your taste and body type to enhance your personality will end up only in great results.  Searching on Pinterest and Instagram which are swamped with the latest en vogue is highly recommended for ideas and trends before looking for a wedding outfits.

INE: What would you consider the most essential part of any wedding outfit?

SM: The most important part of any wedding outfit is how well it fits the bride. A great fitting and draping of the wedding outfit makes an amazing dazzling bride. An excellent fit and drape of the wedding outfit can accentuate the demure and can sculpt a heavenly bride.

The wedding outfit is never complete without the complimenting wedding jewelry and accessories,the right balance and the perfect selection is crucial in  making the wedding dress look cohesive and we cannot ignore the hair do and makeup which certainly adds radiance and glamour to the bridal look.

INE: Interracial , interreligious and intercultural marriages are on rise- how has this changed the way expectant brides and grooms dress?

SM: Blending of traditions is very evident as the interracial marriages are on rise. A lot of acceptance and enthusiasm is seen gleaming on the faces of the brides and grooms while integrating multiple traditions. This exchange is so pronounced in the wedding outfits as we see Indian brides opting to wear whites and beige wedding outfits and gowns instead of the traditional auspicious reds and the non Indian groom strutting in sherwanis and sehras.

The interracial brides and grooms couples are also blending the ceremonies and cultures to ease the strict traditions and that is reflected in the way they are choosing their wedding dresses.

INE: Anything you would like to add?

SM: No matter how elaborate, perfect, traditional or fusion the bridal outfit is deigned, the magic lies in how a bride carries it with grace ,poise, radiance and most importantly with confidence!.  To all the brides to be -happy searching and shopping for the exquisite wedding dresses of their dreams and we do look forward to designing for you and making your dreams come true.



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