A New Perspective on Health from Vallecha, Yogini and Parmar at the Health Expo

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WALTHAM, MA—Geeta Vallecha, Shanthi Yogini and Naresh Parmar will look at health from a different perspective in a health workshop at the upcoming free Mega Health & Wellness Expo on April 20 at the Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.

Parmar, who has gone through intense treatments and has undergone a major surgery that gave him opportunities to truly experience the healthcare eco system very closely from a patient perspective, will conduct a workshop on “Patient Engagement: A Patient Perspective.”

“Often patient gets side tracked in the whole healthcare food chain. In the healthcare eco system, there are many players such as doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, labs, Health Insurance providers, Technology and equipment vendors, pharmaceuticals, and many more,” Parmar said. “With each stake holder’s individual focus on potentially benefiting from and surviving in the eco system, patient and her needs sometimes get lost in the complexity of the system. We will look at the healthcare system from patient perspective by keeping patient in the center and by using some real life experiences.”

He said his workshop will focus on what patient can do to play more active role in the system, and how the healthcare eco system can empower patient to be a healthy contributor.

While growing up, he has experienced healthcare system in India for over two decades. Since migrating to the USA in early 90’s, he has been cared for by the healthcare system in the US. Throughout his professional career, he has been a technology leader who strives to create values for clients

Geeta Vallecha, who has immersed herself into movement and fitness since 2010, teaches yoga, pilates (PIYO), zumba and private fitness classes in and around Nashua, NH. She is particularly passionate about yoga and thinks it’s a necessity for everyone, and will talk about these techniques.

“Yoga is much more than just an alternative form of exercise,” said Vallecha. “Yoga is a spiritual path for gaining health and happiness, but not sectarian or religious in any way.”

Her yoga classes integrate challenging and powerful flow of “asanas” with proper breathing, deep meditation and relaxation techniques.

“Intensity of Yoga can be modulated for every fitness level—debilitated to Olympic-athletes. By substantially improving flexibility, strength and balance, it allows even the top athlete to improve his/her game,” said Vallecha, who loves working with people and takes enthusiastic interest in helping people thrive by sharing her practice.

Her certifications include – 200 RYT, PIYO, YogaFit and Zumba. She is also trained to teach Yin yoga and classic form of Hatha yoga. She has participated in numerous yoga, meditation and breath-workshops for a deeper study of the mind and body field. She is also an advanced Reiki practitioner and loves to share Reiki/energy in her classes. At the Health Expo workshop, Vallecha will discuss all these techniques.

Vallecha currently teaches at IM Modern Fitness, GatewayHills Health Club, Golds Gym, Z Club and Prana Power Yoga. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

Shanthi Yogini, an empowerment and happiness coach, serving the community both online and in-person, will conduct a workshop on “Yoga-Dance-Story Alchemy.”

“For the best physical health, best mental health is required, as the body and mind are connected intimately. This workshop is a unique and beautiful choreography of body movements that involve the mind, using the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the art of Indian Dance, combining it with Storytelling,” Yogini said. “It is based on Shanthi’s training program called “HappyMoves” which is a robust multimedia health building experience. It is an exciting way to exercise, an elevating way to lose weight, and an artful way of Yoga practice.”

As a speaker, Yogini talks on Wellness and Happiness using her 7-Step E.M.P.O.W.E.R system. As a yoga master, she helps Yoga teachers in Sanskrit, and Yogic living/eating. As a story teller and art and culture educator, she offers I.N.T.E.R.A.C.T.I.V.E India project with dance, experiential storytelling and educational, hands-on, Indian activities in schools, colleges, libraries and companies for multicultural events. She volunteers for the cause of Rescue& Education of child slaves.

Yogini has won awards and grants like “Merit Award for Traditional Arts”, “Folk Arts Education Grant”, and “Folk Arts Mentor Grant”. She has been featured in the book “Exploring Dance Forms and Styles”. She holds 2 Certifications in Yoga Teaching and one in Dance Therapy. She graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering securing University First Rank and worked in software before.

Words from the Chair of Health & Wellness Expo:
The Health & Wellness Expo is chaired by Dr, Manju Sheth and organized by INDIA New England News. It is a free event for the community and will be held on April 20, 2014 at Burlington Marriott in Burlington, MA. Dr. Sheth is a Board certified internist at Lahey Health and President of Indian Medical Association of New England 2013. She is very dedicated to women’s causes and education of community in health related issues, especially those specific to South Asian population.

Says Dr. Sheth: “I have always felt that while treatment can be specific to a specialty of medicine, healing is a collaborative effort with all health care providers, including alternative medicine. It also involves tapping into power within ourselves which will be the focus of our talk on mind and body medicine led by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra. We are honored to bring some of the best experts in traditional medicine who will talk about common medical problems with updates in diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. The talks will be conducted by a team of excellent moderators. Our goal in this Expo is also to educate people about optimum health which again is a collaborative effort. We are pleased to bring experts in Indian diet, skin care, yoga, stress management, fitness and meditation. We have also included an important segment on dental health. We are very thankful to the community for their wholehearted support in making our first Mega Health Expo last year such a huge success and are planning to make this an yearly tradition in New England.”


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